Amanda Liu

Amanda Liu, a high school English teacher, began attending services at FCC in the fall. She was raised in a conservative Christian church but as an adult found herself looking for a new spiritual home. Over the past year, she began talking with a colleague at work about finding a church that would be a good fit for her values and beliefs. Amanda credits Google with introducing her to FCC; she was searching for an open and welcoming church with a focus on social justice when she found our website. From her first experiences at FCC, she was impressed by the warmth of the congregation and Reverend Ann’s welcoming and caring personality.

Amanda, her fiancé and their two cats live in Pequannock, “a nice 25 minute drive” from Montclair on a Sunday morning. Her interests/passions include good food and restaurants, taking trips into New York City, music and literature. Amanda likes all different cuisines; Indian food is one of her favorites, and she has been known to take pictures of particularly appealing dishes when dining out with friends! She is interested in learning more about the social justice programs at FCC, including the proposed initiative with the Montclair Animal Shelter.

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