Annicia and Ryan Durka

Annicia and Ryan Durka: Annicia is originally from Anaheim, California, and Ryan is originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They both called Brooklyn home for a number of years. Brooklyn is where they met and fell in love. They have lived in Montclair for almost 3 years.

Annicia is a textile designer and Ryan is a graphic designer. Eight-month old Felix is a full-time professional cutie pie. Although neither of them has a strong religious background or have a previous faith tradition they decided to join the church because they felt that they have found a congregation of people who love and support each other and who strive to strengthen our community and the world around us. As for interests and hobbies, Annicia enjoys doing yoga, gardening, and riding her bike, and Ryan enjoys cycling and brewing beer. Felix likes to giggle, squawk, and bounce in his “Johnny jump up”.

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