Gerald Taylor

Gerald Taylor is New Jersey born and raised, and of Scottish and Polish decent. Gerald is new to FCC, having just begun worshipping this spring.  “I was familiar with FCC, having admired its impressive architecture, and welcoming rainbow flag.  However my destination was always Accents with Flowers, and Raymond’s on Church Street.  It wasn’t until Easter service this year that I started attending FCC.  I was impressed with the welcoming congregation, and Reverend Ann’s contemporary sermons.”  Gerald is a Rutger’s New Brunswick graduate with a degree in Environmental Planning and Design.  Having accomplished many rewarding design projects in that field Gerald has for fifteen years been a manager at a leading manufacturer of printing machinery for the packaging, food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. “We don’t always wind up where we started.  However the traditionalist in me has staying power no matter where life’s journey takes me”.  Gerald currently resides in Passaic Park.  His condo terrace affords him a treetop view of the vibrant neighborhood below, and the sun, moon, and stars above.  It’s home for now, and a great place to reflect on life, commitments, and giving back to friends, and family.

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