Ian and Cynthia Hutson

Ian and Cynthia Hutson: Ian was born and raised in England. Ian is a fraternal twin; his brother still lives in England. Ian and his parents moved to the US in 1997. Ian’s parents both work in the medical field whilst Ian has been in the aviation industry for over 12 years. He loves sports, especially football, otherwise known as soccer. Ian grew up in the Church of England. Cynthia was born in New York and grew up in New York and New Jersey. Cynthia is an art teacher in North Bergen, and also passes her time working for a Karaoke company. Cynthia grew up Catholic and as an adult attended a Baptist church.

Cynthia and Ian were introduced to each other by Cynthia’s cousin in 2009. Cynthia was out celebrating her birthday and didn’t realize that it was also Ian’s birthday. Both were born in December and now celebrate their birthdays together. Cynthia and Ian were married in September 2010 and their son, Isaiah Neil, was born in July 2012. Cynthia and Ian have always been spiritual but wanted to find a community where their son can grow up being accepted and loved. After many Sundays driving around looking for churches that just didn’t feel right, a friend told them about this church. After the first visit, they knew it was the right place for them and could visualize their son growing up in this beautiful community.

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