Kyle Chvasta

Kyle Chvasta – I was born and raised in Elmwood Park. I’m the epitome of a Virgo, fastidious and fervent about all that I do in life. I have training as an art historian from William Paterson University and said training afforded me the chance to travel Europe and see some of the greatest works of art from Caravaggio to Manet. My passion is art and understanding and helping people through art so I plan to parlay that into furthering my education in art therapy. I thoroughly enjoy movies and music and am a firm believer in beauty love and magic and feel that through my spirituality I have discovered a pure manifestation of that mantra. FCC gave me an outlet where I can find all those things and more through the teachings of Jesus.

My goals for the near to far future are to get my masters, become a therapist and start a family based around the ideals of pure morals, hard work, great education, and individual unselfish thinking. With the help of my partner and fellow art historian who shares my core values, Joshua, I hope to go forward in life and carve out a corner of this world that is loving, transformative, and special. I believe that no matter where you look, you can find beauty. I was raised in a Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox household, and I hope to continue my work of bringing art to FCC, and my own unique perspective of art and spirituality to the congregation.

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