Sunday School Happenings Spring 2015












We have been busy! When the earthquakes in Nepal happened, we learned about the incident and located Nepal on the map. We also learned about life in Nepal. In response we made our own prayer flags that demonstrate our hopes for Nepal’s future. It was a beautiful moment that allowed us to think beyond our own region.
Our garden is already flourishing! We have lettuce, kale, and beans on the way! The picture of the children at the table, is us having a bit of our own salad! Slightly gritty (even though we washed it several times) but delicious nonetheless!
This summer, in ordinary time we are hopping around the Bible, using our action Bibles. The picture of Noah illustrates our David and Goliath game of shooting marshmallows at the Target. This was fun! During this lesson we also discussed our metaphorical, “giants” and “rocks”. As the summer progresses, I hope to work on some chalk mandalas for the front of the church, continue our garden growing, and enjoy learning about some of the women in the Bible!

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