Peter Wert

Peter Wert:  The signs to join the FCC community have been there for some time for Peter Wert!  His mother’s good friend , Longtime FCC member, Babs Eberhardt, introduced him to FCC during Eastertime 3 years ago.  A few weeks ago, Peter Sat next to Lydia York in church  After introductions, they soon realized that they were from the same town, Peter had been good friends with her brother, and they both acted in the summer of 1980 in The Music Man during a summer community theatre gig!

Peter Wert’s Partner for 19 years is Tom Rose. They have 2 beautiful children ,Dominique and Benjamin who are also nine year old twins. They are consummate New Yorkers- having lived all over the city of Manhattan from 1986 onward. They have made their home in Montclair, New Jersey for 4 years and are enjoying living in Montclair. Their children attend Hillside School.

Peter is a stay at home dad; he is very involved with the PTA of Hillside School and the Marriage Equality Movement.  His careers prior to children were in the advertising world and in theatre production. In the late 1980’s and 1990’s he was the Senior Assistant to Joseph Papp of the New York Shakespeare Festival and has many wonderful theatre and famous-people-in-their- beginnings stories to tell! His partner is an attorney specializing in corporate securities.

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