Roberto Melendez and Keith Entricken

Roberto Melendez and Keith Entricken:  Roberto was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ to Puerto Rican parents, but spent his summers on his grandparents’ farm and the beach in Puerto Rico.  Roberto was raised Catholic, not only attending parochial school (St. Bridget’s) but also attending a Catholic college (St. Peter’s) graduating with a BS in computer science.  He worked for a while as a computer programmer but now works as the VP of Production Coordination in the technology division of a dealer brokerage firm.  Roberto has two passions.  His first is practicing his artistic talent by painting in oils on canvas and recently had his work displayed here at FCC during the Montclair Art Walk.  His other passion is Keith, whom he met in March of 1995.  Although the couple has an ongoing debate about who made the first move, they both profess it was love at first sight.  In 2002, Roberto and Keith had a Civil Union performed in the mountains of Vermont during a beautiful midday candle ceremony with just the two of them, and the minister.  They plan to have a big New Jersey style wedding now that they can!


Keith was born in Englewood, NJ and raised in two religions.  During the week, Keith and his siblings attended Catholic school to honor their father’s religion and on Sundays attended the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood to honor their mother’s.  Keith feels fortunate to have had this experience because he believes it gave him a strong foundation and kept him “close to God.”  Keith attended Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey) then worked for the Time Warner Company in animation art sales and gallery management.  He currently works as a cosmetology educator, hairstylist, and artist and lists hiking, archery, and dining out among his favorite hobbies.  He describes Roberto as the love of his life and believes it was he who approached the other first.  Keith describes the couple as being very family oriented, having spent much of their 18 years together enjoying the company of each other’s families.  Roberto and Keith stumbled upon FCC by accident one day when Keith made a wrong turn and noticed the large rainbow flag outside.  Having been on a journey to find a spiritual home, the couple made plans to attend a service.  From their first visit the couple has felt FCC is a place where they want to grow and continue on their journey of faith.

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