Sean Kelley

Sean Kelley started his faith journey at Saint Anthony’s in Hawthorne NJ, where he attended from Kindergarten to eighth grade. From there he continued his education at Hawthorne High school.  Through his adolescence Sean was a very active member of his parish and in fact was a member of his church’s youth group.  He continues to be an active member of his community and is a fervent believer in his responsibility to others.  Like it says in Matthew 25:35, he has strong convictions about keeping the hungry fed and the naked clothed; providing for the homeless at any chance he gets.  He is now twenty seven years old and he currently resides in Jersey City.  He works for a sanitation/recycling company called Future Sanitation based out of the city of Passaic.  When not cleaning up our streets he thoroughly enjoys bike riding or simply taking a walk in a park or woods.  Every Saturday afternoon at Anderson Park in Montclair he unwinds with a rousing game of Frisbee.  Sean is thrilled to be at FCC and is greatly looking forward to continuing his journey here, and while in the process he is excited about not only getting to know the community but himself as well.

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