Tracey Stephens

 comes to FCC via a circuitous route. With her father in the Foreign Service, she spent her childhood moving about Europe as his postings changed. Trained initially as a social worker, she has, for the past 26 years, run her own Interior Design business, an eco bath and kitchen design business. She has a son, Evan (23), whom she is rather proud of and she currently lives in Nutley with her partner, Jack. She admits to a “meandering” faith journey, gravitating toward the Quaker tradition some years back, and from there to FCC. She came to hear a speaker last year, came back for a communion service and was so moved by the experience she has stayed, jumping into the life of FCC by helping on the Spirituality and Worship Ministry. She is one of the “elves” that has been working on the sanctuary set up for our art collection. Tracey’s interests include yoga and gardening, and she is a 17 year cancer survivor.

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